Whole30 Day 3

Tonight is the first night that the cravings have really hit.
I want some chocolate; preferably in the form of ice cream.
But rather than dwell on how much I want it, I’m choosing to instead sit here and write this post whilst drinking mint tea. I read from one of the food bloggers I follow (can’t remember who, exactly) that to curb sweet cravings, they drink a cup of mint tea at night. I already enjoy and drink it, but now I’m using it as a means to keep me from giving into the want to munch. Even if it’s only an apple or some almonds I’d rather not be eating this late at night. I think if I let myself eat every time I crave sweets, I’m creating another problem entirely. Ugh.
Making good decisions SUCKS.

In that vein, I went to Whole Foods today to get a few things and ended up walking out having spent nearly my weekly budget for groceries. Good. Grief. I mean, I planned for it and I know it’s worth it because I’ll use everything I bought. But, lort. It hurt a little to see that total pop up.
The main reason I went was to get no sugar added bacon. There are very few places that carry bacon that has absolutely no sugar added; the brand I buy (Pederson Farms) even has a little logo on it that says “Paleo friendly!” It tastes better with no sugar, in my opinion, but it’s a must for a Whole30 if I want to eat the stuff. And, duh, I do. It’s bacon.
I also purchased a bottle of avocado oil–now, that’s expensive. $12 for an 8.45 oz bottle! Blah. But I’ve been wanting to try to make mayo with it, and I’ve heard it’s really tasty for cooking with in general. Gotta keep things fresh and change ’em up every now and again, anyway. Plus, I got an email today that was all about how most olive oil in stores is comprised only partially of actual olive oil; the rest of supplemental oils like soybean. It made me a little scared to use what I have sitting in my cabinet, because I can’t afford to buy the really good stuff. Who the heck has $30 to spend on a bottle of oil that will run out within a few weeks??

Work was weird today. Honestly, and I think many a food service worker would back me up here, working the weekends means you deal with some of the weirdest people ever. Most of my best customer stories come from Saturdays and Sundays. The area I live in is like this little pocket that is surrounded by three main people groups: affluence, rednecks, and the ghetto. During the week they all stay in their little areas, go to work, etc., etc. When the weekend rolls out it’s as if they all decide to pile their families in cars and drive to the nearest “fancy” coffee house, an experience that is seemingly new every time they’re there. I’m beginning to think that I’ve heard every pronunciation of the word “macchiato” possible (and there have been some really, really good ones), and that some people have been born without a pallet or taste buds due to the sickeningly sweet drinks they insist on ordering. People also amaze me in how they treat us as baristas; it’s as if the moment I clock in at work I suddenly become a not-person who has not-feelings and not-reactions to someone shoving a cup of hot coffee in my face and screaming that their half-caf, no-foam, nonfat latte tasted too creamy, felt like it was empty, and was I sure that it was decaffeinated?
Today was no exception. Though there are many examples of rude customers, such as the man who wildly gestured toward the register when he was standing in line until I walked over there only to ask me “Does anyone work here?” in the most condescending tone possible, but my favorite one had to be a lady I helped in the drive-thru.

Her, leaning towards the window and whispering: Hey.
Me, also leaning in: Yes?
Her: Um, I just wanted to tell you might want to wash your hands after you take the guy behind us’s money, because he’s been picking his nose.
Me: Ohhh…? OK, thanks…
Her: I just wanted to make sure you were aware of the situation. My husband is an infection specialist, so I know about these sorts of things.
Me: Well, thanks… I will definitely wash my hands.

She even called it out to me as she was driving away: “Don’t forget now!”
People are weird. I mean, obviously I washed my hands. Though I didn’t see him in action and he seemed pretty clean in general appearance, I took her word for it because, after all, her husband is an infection specialist. And she knows about those sorts of things.

The menu
Breakfast: Another breakfast bowl. It’s just easier on work days when I am stumbling out the door at 4:30AM.
Lunch: Salad with tuna fish, a boiled egg, spinach, almonds, cilantro, tomato, and mayo. Also an apple.
Dinner: A bacon-wrapped burger with mayo, tomato, and sautéed veggies. I used large lettuce leaves to wrap it up in lieu of a bun. The meal was finished off with lime cilantro-roasted brussels sprouts.


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