Whole30 Day 5: Coming up with a clever title for the next 25 days is going to be hard

I decided to start off tonight’s post with FOOD:
Paleo Lettuce Wraps: it’s what’s for dinner.
I’m pretty proud of this meal (if you can’t tell) because I came up with it on the fly and it still turned out delicious. I really wanted to just go out and get food, because work was long again today and I honestly didn’t feel like cooking. But I scraped my tired body off of the couch and grabbed a pan and threw this meal together.
OK, that’s only mostly true. I “threw” it together after I spent about 30 minutes staring at the wall asking myself what I wanted to eat for dinner. And making a quick trip to the Western grocery store down the road. Then I threw it together. I googled a few recipes, but ultimately just put a bunch of stuff in the pan and let it cook. You can’t go too wrong with lettuce wraps as long as you get the flavor right, and making it Paleo means you have to sub some of the typical ingredients. The biggest swap was using coconut aminos in place of soy sauce, which I have a love-hate relationship with. I like the way it tastes, it just doesn’t have the same flavor as actual soy sauce; it’s too sweet to me to resemble the soy much at all. I typically don’t use it when I’m eating sushi at home for that very reason (I buy gluten-free organic soy sauce for that purpose…aka expensive as crap soy sauce).  However, the coconut aminos suited the flavor I was going for in the dish and therefore was a better substitution. I definitely possibly ate all that was in the picture and then went back for seconds. Because, noms.

It’s hot here already. Not in a good way, either. Heat = humidity in Alabama, and with all the rain from the past few weeks the air has been muggyyyyyy. Like, sit on your chest and suffocate you muggy. I think my electric bill for this upcoming month is already going to be more expensive than I want it to be because my apartment gets hot so quickly, being as teeny tiny as it is.
It especially sucks when the air conditioner in your car no longer works… and the parts to fix it are hella expensive. Honestly, it just means I find creative ways to try and stay cool while I drive around the oven-baked heat that is summer in Birmingham. I freeze water bottles and take them with me everywhere I go; I make containers of frozen grapes to eat as I drive; I wear layers of clothes that can be stripped down to the most minimalistic layer for the driving part and then reassembled for the getting-there part. I’m hoping to get it fixed this summer, but we’ll see. I may have to just tough it out again this year.

It’s kind of upsetting to me that I haven’t had better work stories to include in my posts the last few days. I normally have the weirdest stuff happen and am always posting little snippets on Facebook. The scene at work has been relatively normal, however. It’s disappointing; laughing at the crazy stuff people do helps keep me from losing it.
OH MAN. That makes me think of this story I read about yesterday where a Starbucks’ employee loses it and flips out on a customer. I mean, what the heck lady?? I don’t know; maybe she was having a really, really rough day and something the customer did somehow set off everything that was wrong in her life. I want to be empathetic, I really do. But being a shift manager myself, and having dealt with my share of really terrible customers and not having ever snapped or even dreamed of doing such a thing… It’s a little hard to conjure any for her. But, perhaps she will find  better job somewhere else that will not cause her to take out her frustrations with life so verbally.

OK, bedtime. I have to be at work so so early tomorrow and I’m pretty tired.
Until tomorrow.

The Menu
Breakfast: The usual. Breakfast bowl.
Snack: Boiled egg, pear, almonds/cashews.
Lunch: A leftover stuffed pepper.
Dinner: The afore-mentioned lettuce wraps.


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