Whole30 Day 6: Eating out is hard

I mean, it’s not that that hard. It’s just pretty challenging for me in the temptation department. I went out to eat with a friend from high school  and we went to Jason’s Deli. Just walking into the building, I could smell all the wonderful things that I can’t eat right now. Like, cheese. And bread. And cheese.
I was good, though, and I didn’t cheat. I got the salad bar–which was still hard because it, too, had a bunch of stuff in it that I can’t eat right now. Mainly ranch dressing… Oooooooh I love ranch dressing. I don’t care how bad the stuff is for you. I will always love it.
But, again, I didn’t break my Whole30. Even thought I reallyyyyy wanted to.

What is continually crazy to me right now how often I feel old by things that are occurring in my life. Actually, in other people’s lives. I had dinner with a friend that I met my freshman year in high school. We’ve been friends for about 11 years now, and she’s married with a baby (and a bun in the oven). It’s enough to make me stop and go “When did this become a thing?” How did I arrive at the point in my life where me and my friends are old enough to start having babies? It’s crazy to me, because I swear just yesterday I was in high school and my biggest problems were making enough money to go spend at the movie theater and if my crush actually liked me back. Now everyone is getting married, is married, and is getting pregnant. And I get to obligatorily like every cute baby picture on FB. Yay!

I am pretty brain-tired tonight, so I am going to be lame and incredibly brief. I shall have more interesting things to say tomorrow, I’m sure.

The Menu
Breakfast: Breakfast bowl
Lunch: Leftover lettuce wraps; although it was more like lettuce wrap salad because all the lettuce was at the bottom and not in big enough pieces to wrap anything in… But still tasty!
Snack: A leftover stuffed pepper. Don’t judge. I was hungry.
Dinner: Salad bar at Jason’s Deli. I piled my plate with veggies and two hard-boiled eggs and then doused it in lemon juice and tabasco sauce (the best I could do with no Whole30 complaint dressing options).


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