Whole30 Day 8: Cravings. So many cravings.

Yeah, the cravings have kicked in. It makes it that much harder when you work at a coffee shop that serves up deliciously sinful pastries that are filled with chocolate or sweet, creamy cream cheese.
I seriously had moments today where I thought about what would happen if I purposefully accidentally dropped a pastry on the counter… It would have been a shame to throw the poor thing away. I also had moments where I was pretty jealous every time I gave away a flaky pastry to a customer because they can eat those terrible things and I can’t.

Back to talking about foods I can eat.
Tonight’s dinner is brought to you by the color green:
(Not pictured: a sweet potato. Mostly because it’s not green and would therefore ruin my clever little title)
This meal was definitely one of the tastier concoctions I’ve eaten since being on the Whole30. And relatively easy to come up with. I knew I was going to make the chicken, as I had to let it marinate for a few hours in the fridge, and I knew that I needed to use up those brussels sprouts. And I already had a baked sweet potato in the fridge. Et voila.

I had all these ideas that I was going to start a meal plan for each week and write everything out and be all dedicated and shtuff. Not that I’m not dedicated, but every time I went to write out said meal plan I ended up staring at the page and not getting anywhere with it even though I’ve had a list of meals for each week so far. So I gave up on it; I research and pick meals for the week before I do my grocery shopping on Thursday, making sure to include ones I’ve never tried before, but instead of stressing over making an exact meal plan I just go along in the week and pick what I want to make for dinner each night. It’s working out pretty well, actually. I think I’ve been eating Paleo long enough that figuring out what to make for a meal isn’t as hard because I’ve had a lot of practice with cooking times, substitutions, meal-building, etc. It’s coming naturally at this point.

I’d like to say that I’ve got some really exciting Memorial Day plans but, alas. I do not. I will be doing what I always do: slinging coffee.
Slinging time and a half coffee. Ow ow.
And making a trip to the DMV some point next week, because my driver’s license is expired. Being an adult is just oodles of fun.

The Menu
Breakfast: The usual.
Lunch: Leftover thai meatballs with cauli rice
Dinner: Delicious Green Chicken, pan-fried brussels sprouts with mushrooms and topped with mayo, and a baked sweet potato.
Dessert: More grapes!


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