Whole30 Day 9: Counting is hard

Every time I write a new post I have to think wayyy too hard about what day I’m on. Oftentimes I look at the previous day’s post to make sure I’m not counting the same number again… and even then I feel paranoid that I am. Like I’m feeling right now, despite the fact that I checked which day before I began this post. Life is hard.

Listen, you need to watch this video. It is the cutest thing I have seen all day (possibly all week) and I laugh every time at the end when the baby tries to put the top of the bottle in their mouth (I think it’s a girl, but am not 100% sure so I’m going to keep using gender-ambigious pronouns). And at the baby’s expression as they watch the dad before chewing on the bottle themselves. SO CUTE.

The weather outside today was absolutely beautiful! I mean, springtime beautiful. It seems as though we went straight from cool to hot in a matter of weeks at the beginning of the month, and it was unbearable muggy for a hot minute (see what I did there?). That’s the one thing I dislike most about Alabama weather–how quickly it jumps from one season to the next, often skipping the milder ones like spring or fall. So after a week or two of heat and humidity, we’ve had a couple of relatively mild days this week that have been sunny and inviting. So naturally, after I got off work today I made the trek to one of the parks by my house to sit in the sun and read a book.
I’ve been trying to finish The Book Thief by Markus Zusak for an embarrassingly long time now. It’s by no means a complex or dense read, so I should have finished it weeks ago. It’s finished, finally, as I flipped the last few pages when I was soaking up rays in the park. Overall, an excellent book. World War 2 fascinates me, so any book that has to do with that time period and subject matter captures my attention quite keenly. I loved the way Zusak narrated the book, and found it highly interesting that the story is told from the perspective of a young girl living in Germany which is quite firmly under the dictatorship of the Führer (Hitler). It’s interesting to see how he painted the characters and how they struggled to accept Nazism and all the issues that came with it, such as the oppression of the Jews living in their town.
I know they made a movie out of the book some time ago, so I will have to check it out and see if it’s any good. I’m usually disappointed by those because I’m a die-hard “let’s not change any major plot points” kind of person and it seems like they do that a lot when they transition books to the big screen. Oy.

I feel like I’m letting the interwebs down lately because I have had a severe lack of good work stories to tell. For reals. Today is Saturday, my usual crazy story day, and I got nothing. Apparently all the crazy customers came in when I was either on break or not wearing my headset for a moment. Or maybe they’re all out of town for the holiday weekend. Lucky them.

The “bad-food” cravings aren’t as bad today. It’s been a stressful week for me, personally, on top of work so I think that has been a major contributor to the cravings, but I actually made it through work this morning without wanting to steal pastries out of customer’s bag, so that’s progress. I still really want something sweet, but I’m starting to settle into my routine with this Whole30 so I think I’m going to be OK for the next little bit here.
I say that, and now I’m probably going to wake up tomorrow with the biggest junk-food craving ever. Le sigh.

The Menu
Breakfast: Breakfast bowl
Lunch: Leftover brussels sprouts w/ mayo and leftover green chicken.
Dinner: This shrimp stir fry w/ asparagus. Yum. My sauce didn’t thicken as well as her recipe says, but it’s possible I didn’t let it simmer long enough.


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