Whole30 Day 10: Double Digits!

I’m feeling pretty good about where I am with my Whole30 so far. I’m close to halfway, but more importantly I’m beginning to see improvements in my sense of well-being. The little pooch around my middle has gone down (probably just from not eating sugar like I was), the series of break-outs on my face has calmed down, and I feel more rested. I’m not sleeping as well as I remember from last time, but I do get sleepy at night and when I get up and get going in the morning I wake up and feel alert. All good signs.
I’ve also gotten back into enjoying cooking. I think part of why I was eating a good amount of “junk food” (for me, anyway) was because I was bored from eating the same meals too often. One of my goals for this month which I think I mentioned in a previous post is to eat at least one meal a week that I’ve never made before. I shoot for more like 2 or 3, but at the very least one new dish. The meals I’ve picked so far have been really tasty and some have been more challenging than I have previously tried recipe-wise. There’s something very satisfying about cooking a dish and it turning out really good; having spent several years convinced I wasn’t much of a cook, being Paleo has allowed me to see that that is not the case and practice really does make a huge difference in one’s ability in the kitchen.

In the vein of trying new things, next week I’m participating in a writing workshop.
Having majored in English in college and considering myself something of a writer, I’ve really fallen out of habit with it. My writing classes all ended and I no longer had the accountability of a grade or a group of fellow students to make myself sit down and get something out on paper, crappy though it may have been. Honestly, in the last 3 years since I’ve graduated, I’ve produced nothing of substance. I’ve become rather lazy.
Starting this blog was one way that I decided to get back into the habit of writing. Finding a creative writing group was step number two, and next weekend I will get to have the wonderful experience of meeting a bunch of people I don’t know at a place I’ve never been to critique and be critiqued upon. Sounds like a blast, huh? An introvert’s dream.
I can’t back out now is the problem.
I’ve submitted my pieces and RSVP’ed to the meeting. Failing to show up would get me kicked out of the group and then I’d be right back where I started (and perhaps a little sadder due to my getting kicked out of something). A nice little corner that I’ve painted myself into.
Which is the solution to my other problem, laziness.
I don’t want to do it, but I need to do it. So I’ve made myself do all of these things in hopes that this group becomes a part of my life and gives me the good, swift kick in my a** that I need to get writing again. For serious.
Let’s hope I don’t have too many panic attacks between now and Saturday.

Not too many great work stories from today, but we definitely saw our share of special people come through.

Lady in drive-thru: Can I, um, get, um, a medium coffee, um, with cream, um… And let me, um, try something new, um, like that spinach feta, um, wrap, um. That’s, um, all.

I kid you not. After listening to an order like that you genuinely feel as though you’ve inherited brain cancer through the speaker. It’s almost physically painful. There must be something about a speaker box that makes people feel pressure; pressure which makes them order like a person who has been locked in a basement for years and years and has had no social interaction beyond talking to the sock puppets they made during their confinement and once the doors had been broken down and they drew their first breath of sweet, sweet freedom, driving to their local coffee shop and ordering a coffee with cream was the very first thing they decided to do. And they can’t read very well. Or pronounce words. Or talk without repeatedly using combination of the words “um,” “like,” and “uh.”
In short, people are amazing. Often, amazingly amusing (and aggravating, but today it was mostly amusing).

The Menu
Breakfast: My lovely breakfast bowl. All day, erry day (actually, just erry day).
Lunch: Leftover shrimp stir fry.
Second lunch/snack (I was hungry when I got home from work): The last bit of leftover stuffed pepper filling from last week.
Dinner: Spaghetti of sorts. I fried up kielbasa, onions, and spinach and combined them with spaghetti squash, tomato sauce, and fresh parsley. It turned out rather delicious for a quick, thrown-together type dish.


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