Whole30 Day 11: And we’re back to sugar cravings

It was probably a poor decision on my part to watch a cooking show. A really poor decision. That show “Chopped” is on Netflix right now (a season of it, anyway), and I decided it would be fun to watch it because in some weird way maybe I’d get ideas for dinner this week.
Well I definitely didn’t get any ideas because the episode was all about “viewers’ choice” with the ingredients the chefs have to make; crazy crap like cheetos, canned chicken, canned fruit cocktail, and bone marrow. Definitely none of those things is Whole30 approved.
However when it came time for the dessert round, despite the fairly unappetizing basket of ingredients they had to work with, I started getting mad sugar cravings watching them fling together ingredients. Especially because one guy used chocolate in his dish. CHOCOLATE.
I have a headache tonight, and I think it may still be sugar withdrawals.

I did treat myself for dinner tonight, though, and grabbed Chipotle on my way home from running errands. Nom nom nom. No chips and salsa, obvs, but it still was delicious and a break from cooking dinner for a night. Eating out can be hard when you’re trying to eat well in general, but trying to eat out on a Whole30 is disappointingly hard. I say disappointingly because it general means ordering food where you have to take a bunch of crap off or leave out, and substitutions either cost money or are not allowed. And when there are no substitutions you end up with less food. Which is frustrating, personally, because I like to eat food and when I only get to eat a little bit and still feel hungry while I watch other people eat I tend to get hangry (angry hungry). Granted, there are places you can go where the options are better, and I know Paleo restaurants exist. But here in Birmingham, AL, the options are still limited for the Paleo world. I think there are places that are getting better, but it’s very much a work in progress. So I tend to avoid eating out when I can unless I know I’m going somewhere like Chipotle where I can do fairly well and walk out with a decent amount of food.

A new fresh food market just opened a few locations here, and I had the opportunity to check out one of the locations while I was out and about. Sprouts Farmers Market is reminiscent of a Whole Foods, though they have the title “farmers market” in their name. I didn’t purchase anything whilst I was in there, but I did a few laps around the store to see what they have as far as produce and other products go. It was pretty decent; their produce wasn’t too expensive, but there were several specific products that I did quick look for that they didn’t have. I didn’t look as in-depth as I wanted to, however, because it was majorly busy and I don’t like shopping when there are that many people around (I take after my father in that respect). I’ll probably go back at some point just to make sure they weren’t just out of said products before deciding if I’ll make it part of my repertoire of grocery stores.

I’m not gonna lie, this whole blogging every day thing is getting a little hard. Mostly because I feel like I’m running out of things to talk about, and I kind of feel like I’m just rambling about any old thing that pops into my head (well, that is partially true). This past week or so has also just been a pretty crappy week in general for personal reasons, so trying to muster up the energy to sit down and type out an entry that is not full of self-pity and “woe is me” type stuff is definitely challenging. I will say this: doing a Whole30 smack in the middle of dealing with some stuff has been terrible but really good. As I mentioned in one of my first posts I tend to turn to junk food for comfort. When I’ve had a bad day or am stressed or things just aren’t going my way I stop and buy a pint of ice cream. I “treat” myself to dinner too often, eating foods that I know don’t make me feel very good. I have essentially been unable to do that the past 11 days and it has sucked majorly been pretty difficult. I’m learning how to deal with life that doesn’t involved stuffing my face, though, and that’s progress for me as a human being. Not one of those more fun life experiences, but an essential one if I want to be a happy and well-adjusted adult I suppose.

OK, enough of that.
Here’s a cute sleepy kitty picture to brighten the mood:
He really doesn’t sleep like a kitty very much; often this is his nap position of choice. What a weirdo.

The Menu
Breakfast: Breakfast bowl
Lunch pt. 1 (on my break at work): Leftover spaghetti from last night
Lunch pt. 2 (when I got home from work 3 hours later): The last of the green chicken and some sautéed kale.
Dinner: Salad from Chipotle with double steak and guacamole. Noms!


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