Whole30 Day 14: Almost Halfway!

I cannot believe that tomorrow will be the halfway point of this Whole30. Seriously. Time is flying along so quickly… So different than my last one! I remember thinking last time how much each day seemed to drag along, especially for those first two weeks. I was so used to my previous eating habits that breaking them was often a draining task, and all I could think about what the food I could eat once I was finished with the 30 days.
Once you reach day 16 the psychological element lessens greatly; you feel better about the number of days left simply because they become smaller than the number you have behind you, every single day. It’s really great.

I had two days off in a row this week, and it was fabulous! It’s really rare that I have an actual “weekend” where I can stay up late and sleep in consecutively.
And by sleeping in, I mean tolerating the various noises of destruction my cat creates longer than I normally do. Last night he was in a MOOD and I’m pretty sure I was awakened every 30 minutes to an hour by some antic of his. I felt even worse because my best friend spent the night with me, and he was being a big jerk to her especially.
His schedule last night:
12AM–climb all over the strange person on his side of the bed in confusion
1AM–jump like a monkey on top of said strange person and gallop across the bed to where the human sleeps to meow pitifully in her face
1:30AM–gallop laps across the bed for no discernible reason
2AM–start tearing at comforter by the strange person so she’ll wake up
3AM–find noisy jingly ball and start batting it all over the apartment in glee
3:05AM–lose ball under couch, go sit on the human’s chest and meow pitifully in her face again
3:30AM–fall asleep next to the human
4AM–gallop more laps around the bed
5AM–get stuffed panda, bring it onto the bed and play “attack the panda” in between the human and the strange person; make sure to include lots of jumping and kicking
6AM–discover the scale in the bathroom can be pushed along the floor if batted hard enough, making a terrible sound; spend the rest of the next hour sneaking back into the bathroom to push it around even when the human gets up and throws you into the living room
7AM–get sleepy and snuggle up with the human when she gives up on sleeping and comes out into the living room.

Jerk cat.

But, in all fairness (or unfairness maybe), he can be pretty darn cute.

He adopted this stuffed panda when I brought him home, and often carries the thing around the apt in his mouth like a freaking dog. HOW CUTE IS THAT. His favorite thing is to grab it in a bear hold and attack the sh*t out of it. He then feels bad and proceeds to lick the bear a lot until it feels better. Then he attacks it some more.
Oy vey.

Today was apparently national hamburger day, so we naturally had to celebrate by going and getting burgers. There’s a little burger place not too far from where I live called “Moo–Yah” that I’ve been to a few times. It’s like Five Guys, but a little more health conscious (only a little). They have the option of doing your burger the “iceburger” way which entails getting the patty wrapped in lettuce as opposed to doing the bun, and they have sweet potato fries. OK, so probably kind of doing the whole Sex With Your Pants On (it’s a real Whole30 term… read about it here) thing here by having eaten that for lunch.
I also maybe probably had Paleo pancakes for breakfast. Another one to avoid… but I don’t really feel bad about it, honestly. I had company over, and that is what we had for breakfast. I think if this were my first Whole30 I would feel bad only because that one was so much harder; this time around, I don’t think eating those pancakes has the same trigger that it would have 1.5 years ago. I actually don’t even remember the last time I had real pancakes…
All to say, I’m being honest about what I ate. I technically did not eat anything that wasn’t Whole30-approved, so I’m OK with it. I’ll avoid that stuff for the rest of the remaining time just so it doesn’t become a habit, but I have no qualms with having eaten it today.

Alright, my weekend is pretty much over. Gotta hit the hay so I can be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for a foreseeably busy Friday morning slinging coffee.

The Menu
Breakfast: As I said, Paleo pancakes (bananas, eggs, cinnamon). Also, fried up some chorizo (Whole30 approved!) and kale.
Lunch: Burger with iceberg lettuce bun, grilled onions, sautéed ‘shrooms, and tomato. Also a bunch of sweet potato fries.
Dinner: Stir-fry zoodles with mushrooms and tomatoes, and oven-fried salmon patties, courtesy of Melissa Joulwan at The Clothes Make the Girl. They were super tasty! I didn’t have any Old Bay seasoning, so I went with the chili powder, cumin, and lime zest suggestion she listed at the bottom. Nom nom nom.


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