Whole30 Day 15: Halfway tastes so good!

Or maybe it’s just the mayo.
Guys, listen.
I have an obsession with mayo. I finally purchased an immersion blender a few months ago so I could try my hand at making homemade mayo, since all the cool Paleo bloggers do it.
 OHMIGOSH. It tastes so good! My first batch turned out so tasty that I wanted to eat it out of the jar. No lie. I’ve had a few “bad” batches here and there since I began making it, but overall most have turned out heavenly. Especially now, in the midst of a Whole30 and wanting something creamy, mayo has become a mild obsession. I always have a jar of it in my fridge, and I go through that jar within a week (or less).
Mostly because I put it on errything. Seriously. Everything.
I’ve tried my hand at fancier flavors, but I think my favorite way to make it is just straight up with lots of lemon juice.
Exhibit A: tonight’s dinner. I decided to go the taco route, but wanted to give it a little twist. So I fried up some chicken, peppers, mushrooms, and chopped cabbage, sprinkled it with smoked paprika and cayenne pepper, and tossed it all in a bowl with a couple heaping spoonfuls of mayo.
GOOD GRIEF. One of the tastiest meals I’ve made in the past two weeks. Forreals.
Looking at the picture is making me want to eat it all over again.
Like I said, I think I have a mild obsession.

I have to spend the rest of tonight going over my drafts for the writing group tomorrow.
Tomorrow. It’s definitely tomorrow. And I’m definitely getting scared.
Scared in the way that I want to hide under my bed when I think about going. NBD.
In my group, however, there is another poet. In a weird way that’s comforting because at least there’s someone else there who is interested in writing the things that I’m interested in writing. And it’s no the kind of poetry that we all wrote in high school that makes weird comparisons with blood and blackness and angsty feelings. It’s actually pretty good stuff. So, there’s that small sort-of relief.

In other news, I have a claw-imprint on my left leg.
Not a paw print.
Not some little bitty scratches.
A freaking CLAW IMPRINT. My not-so-graceful cat was sitting on my lap and began to slide off (like I said, grace is not his forte), so he decided to latch onto my BARE LEG (my mistake for wearing shorts) with his cute little bitty paw. Which didn’t feel so little or bitty or cute.
It hurts.

The Menu
Breakfast: Breakfast bowl. I tried it with the chorizo I bought, and it was alright; a little too spicy perhaps for that early in the morning.
Lunch: Leftover salmon patties and more stir-fried zoodles.
Dinner: The amazing tacos I showed you. Which, I realize that tacos are also part of the SWYPO in the Whole30… I promise I’m not out to break every sort-of rule here. I actually think I ate tacos on my first Whole30 because I didn’t realize it was a technical no-no. So, again, it doesn’t trigger any other cravings or urges so I feel OK in eating them. The end.

***For anyone interested in making their own mayo, here’s a link to the recipe I use (there’s a video, too!).


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