Whole30 Day 18: Happy June!

I cannot believe that it is already June. I mean, it was just January a second ago, the beginning of 2015. Now we’re halfway through the thing.
I’m pretty sure I’ll blink and it will be Christmas again and I’ll be putting up with yet another coffee shop holiday season and slinging coffee like a madman.

But I digress. I promised stories about ER visits and concussions, and I shall deliver.

The TL;DR version is thus:
I was hit in the head by a fellow employee and ended up going to the ER due to concussion-like symptoms only to find out that I was fine.

The real version is only slightly more dramatic.
I was at work, about two hours out from finishing my shift. I had just taken my meal break and was in the back washing my hands and preparing to go out onto the floor. The door that divides the Front of House (FOH) and Back of House (BOH) is a swinging door. It’s made of metal, I believe, but a  really thin, plastic-y type of metal. There is a small window on the upper right side that allows one to hypothetically see what’s on the other side. Honestly, that window is much too small to be able to accurately see who or what is beyond the door–it’s not even centered. If someone is, say, standing by one of the fridges to the left of the window all one has to do is swing the door just hard enough and they will whack that person.
I had just washed my hands, like I said, and was looking down at my shoes as I went to go through the door. I don’t know why I was looking down at them; perhaps I was checking to see if they were any dirtier than the last time I looked at them (a real possibility when you’re deal with syrups, beans, powders, etc.). I looked up just in time to see the door swing straight at my head and with a lovely WHACK sound it hit me square in the forehead. A fellow employee (who didn’t see me due to the fact that I wasn’t standing directly in front of the window) charged straight through with great force and caused the door to swing wildly towards my unsuspecting face.
I mean, I didn’t fall over. Or lose consciousness. It definitely wasn’t that dramatic. But it hurt a crap ton.
Initially, that was the only problem–I had a sore forehead with the promise of a bruise. Within the hour, however, I began to feel dizzy, light-headed, and rather nauseous. I was also beginning to feel a bit off; not in a “where am I?” kind of way, but in a “what was I literally just doing?” kind of way. My thoughts felt rather muddled. Though I was unsure if that was due to being hit in the face or if it stemmed from a severe lack of sleep on my part, I ended up leaving work early due to the afore-mentioned symptoms and going to see a doctor (after some coaxing from a friend and my father, who has several medical degrees). The doctor pretty much said I needed to go the ER because he didn’t have a way to examine my brain for any injuries, as they did not have X-ray machines.
So. I spent the rest of my afternoon in a stuffy ER waiting room while I tried not to fall asleep or vomit all over the floor.
Oh, and answer the same question from EVERY SINGLE NURSE.

“Wait, how did you hit your head?”
“….A door. I got hit in the head with a door.”
“Ohhh, I see….” *silent judgement*

Maybe some people have exciting stories about concussions that have to do with getting hit in the face with a baseball or falling off of a two-story building.
I got hit in the face with. a. door.

But actually, I didn’t have a concussion. After 30 minutes of waiting that I think is purposeful to make you feel insanely stressed about all the problems that could be wrong with your brain, one of the judgmental nurses came out and told my that my CT scan was fine. My brain was fine.
And I was OK with that; I just wanted to go home and sleep. I had a terrible head-ache at that point.

So all that to say… I’m fine. I still have a head-ache, but I think that’s to be expected from experience some trauma to my head. Maybe not concussion-level trauma, but enough to rattle my poor brain. I even went to work this morning and it all went pretty smoothly.

However, there are rumors that the door in question is going to be taken off of its hinges and thrown mercilessly into the dumpster.

The Menu
Breakfast: Half of my usual; we got busy yet again and I had trouble finishing it. I think I need a more scarf-able meal for breakfast anymore
Lunch pt. 1: Stir-fry over spinach
Lunch pt. 2 (don’t judge; I am usually hungry when I come home from work):
Fried crispy sweet potatoes, kale, chorizo, and two over-easy eggs
Dinner: Skillet fried-then-baked almond encrusted chicken with portobello mushrooms and some yet-undetermined vegetable.


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