Whole30 Day 19: Pushing through

Such a trite term. But I’m having to make myself push through here in the last half of my 30-day challenge.

It’s weird to me, because I feel like I remember reaching this point in my last Whole30 and not battling cravings or wanting to give up as much. I kind of remember coasting a bit, and that’s what helped me go beyond the 30 days and start eating Paleo.

Right now I kind of just feel discouraged. I don’t really have much in the way of the euphoric-type high I had last time. I think it’s because the changes were much more drastic last year when I started; I had been eating a great amount of unhealthy foods and food groups daily prior to doing the challenge and this time around I was merely eating those things here and there (a bit too often, perhaps, thus the Whole30).
But even still. I don’t necessarily feel a whole lot better than I did before. My acne cleared up, true, and I lost a little bit of the pooch on my belly. But the extra weight I gained in the past few months has stuck around, and that’s kind of frustrating.
It’s just hard to be almost at day 20 and still be craving and wanting all the things I can’t have as much as I am. Especially when I literally make those temptations at work daily.

I’m going to finish, though. I am! Life has a funny way of being hard at the times when you’re trying to be better–you’re trying to do something good for yourself as a person and, therefore, every day is a conspiracy against all of those well-meaning intentions. I firmly believe that pushing through all of those setbacks and blows is going to pay off in the end, however, so I refuse to give up. I won’t I won’t I won’t.

In other news, one of our regular customers–a man I’m not particularly fond of, as he’s grumpy in a completely not-endearing way and is often rude as balls to all of the baristas–informed the barista working the front register that I was apparently his first pick to date his son.

…OK. Sure. I have no idea how to take that, as I’ve had maybe one conversation with this man, and it left no impression that he enjoyed conversing with me whatsoever.
Which leads me to think that it’s all based on looks.
Which is hella shallow and creeps me out.

The Menu
Breakfast: I did something different today! A mini-fritatta with chorizo, bell peppers, mushrooms, and just some salt and pepper.
Lunch: Leftover baked chicken and zoodles.
Dinner: What do you do when you have a crap ton of veggies and no idea what to make for dinner? You throw them all in a casserole dish and call it a casserole. So I made some kind of zucchini, brussels sprout, onion, and beef layered tomato-cream casserole with whisked eggs poured over the top and sliced tomatoes. It may sound super weird, but it was actually supremely tasty.


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