Whole30 Day 20: 2/3 through!

It’s the small victories. As of now, I am 2/3 through my 30 days.
It’s hard to believe that 20 days have already gone by… It really does seem as if I was just on Day 1, with my head-aches, sugar cravings, and extreme irritability.
I still have the cravings, but at least they’ve diminished some as the days have worn on.

I feel a little obsessed with food.
I mean, you kind of have to be to be where I am right now. Committing to a Whole30 is committing to constantly thinking two, three, and even several meals ahead. It’s committing to google-searching the sh*t out of “Paleo” or “Whole30” recipes. It’s committing to having to cook every. single. thing. you eat because how crazy strict your diet is. It’s committing to sticking with the program even though the people around you kind of shake their heads/look at you in confusion when you tell them what you’re doing.
Essentially, it’s being crazy about food. Food food food.
So, all that to say, it becomes a little tiring. I mean, you get into a routine and develop good habits about being prepared for eating at work, getting your meals set up for the week, etc. etc.
But you definitely think about going out to eat a lot. At least, I do. My thought process goes something like this:
“You know what, Kim, you’ve worked your a** off today. You deserve to not have to cook dinner.” Then I sit around for 30 minutes and think of every single restaurant around me that I could possibly eat something Whole30-approved.
Then I get depressed because I think about all the cool bloggers I know who live out west and who post about the cool places over there that have Paleo-friendly menus, etc. and how I live in stupid Birmingham that doesn’t have ANYTHING.
Then I realize I’ve wasted 45 minutes sitting around trying to get out of cooking dinner and I’m completely starving.
Then I go to my fridge and stare at it for 10 minutes until I muster up enough brain cells to throw something together for dinner.
It’s a rather depressing cycle if you really think about it. But, hey, at least I’m saving money during this month by not eating out.

In the vein of food, it’s amazing to me how people don’t associate what they eat with how they feel. Or even the more obvious sign: they’re gaining weight. So many of our regulars who order the sugar-laden beverages go through phases where they cut back or change their drink completely in order to undo the damage 9 months’ worth of drinking white chocolate lattes has done to their bodies. I mean, I could tell right before I started that I needed to cut sugar out because I had visible signs like my face was broken out and I had a little extra around my middle.
I really think sugar is one of the biggest culprits in determining how you feel and look.
One of my regulars came in the other morning, and as I recognized her and knew her drink I began ringing her up. She stopped me however, and in a hushed tone asked me, “Is there any way to make my drink a little healthier?” She clutched her stomach and made a face. “I’m gaining weight… Can we make it with nonfat milk?”
I was a litte perplexed by her comments.
I don’t know, I feel like if you come in every day and order a drink with 4 different kinds of caramel and ask for extra of everything, you might perceive in some way that that drink is going to kill you make you gain weight like mad (and also slowly kill you)(just saying). She seemed to think that if we made the drink “less fattening” perhaps she could continue drinking it daily. What she fails to see, however, is that she should be less concerned about the fat content and more concerned with how much caramel drizzle we put on her drink.
Which makes me feel bad on a daily basis that I’m creating sugar-addicted monsters.
Sugar-addicted monsters.
But a job is a job, and I can’t beat myself up for other people’s poor life decisions.
So I just nod and smile and say, “Of course we can make it nonfat. Do you want the whipped cream on top?”

The Menu
Breakfast: Another mini-fritatta. This one wasn’t as good as yesterday, but it did the job.
Lunch: Leftover casserole w/mango
Dinner: Taco/lettuce-wraps things. I tried to recreate the deliciousness of the tacos I made last week, and they weren’t as satisfying. Oh well.


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