Whole30 Day 25: Whoops

So I missed a few days…
Going out town will do that. Especially when you forget your laptop and you don’t have the patience (or small enough thumbs) to type out an entry on your smart phone. Nope.
I was half-asleep on Friday night when it came to me:
Sh*t. I forgot to write my post today.
At that point I decided to just not care the whole weekend and enjoy myself.

Because what’s more fun than attending birthday parties for an adorable, chubby-cheeked, one year old??

Especially when said party is Curious George themed. See how cute his mommy decorated for the party? So so precious. The little nugget loves Curious George, and I’m pretty sure that monkey is his spirit animal. He is an equally wiggly, cheeky, and very curious little boy.
The best part of the party was when he was seated with his birthday “smash cake.” Though tentative at first, he soon dove face-first into the frosting and was trying to “share” fistfuls of icing with anyone who ventured just a tad too close.

So, yeah, that’s pretty much how I spent my weekend. Watching Chopped on Netflix and listening to the sounds of the little nugget crawling around the house (but really, what better sound is there than that?)

The eating aspect of the trip was a little stressful, as I had every intention of staying true to my Whole30. Gratefully I was with fellow Paleo-ers who had done a couple Whole30s and knew how to accommodate my dietary needs. However, it was still hard for me considering how much food I feel like I eat… I mean, seriously.
I say that I eat a lot of food, but I’m not always sure people believe me.
I can EAT. I promise. I have dined with my couple friends and consumed more food the guy on more than one occasion. AND I’M OFTEN STILL HUNGRY. I don’t know what I did to my metabolism; I think I may have broken it when I becomes Paleo. Because I eat all the freaking time and it gets tiring after a while.
OK, end rant.
So I felt bad because I ate more food than anyone while I was staying with my friends. Some of it was out of sheer anxiety that I’d be starving later, though. For example: I knew we’d be going out to eat Saturday night, so I knew there was a big chance I’d be hungry because when you go out to eat on a Whole30 a lot of times by the time you’ve made sure whatever dish is compliant, you’ve eliminated a lot of the food stuffs and you’re still hungry by the end of the meal because there was not enough left on your plate to fill you up.
At least, that’s been my experience.
So there was that level of stress that was brought on only by me and my weird fear-of-being-hangry. Because no one likes to be hungry.

Overall, though, I think I did fairly well during my stay. I know there were a few moments where I may have traversed into a few gray areas, but traveling and Whole30-ing is hard stuff. So I’m proud of the fact that I sat and watched everyone else stuff their faces with delicious-looking cupcakes and didn’t break and start inhaling them.
Especially when they had chocolate ones. Ughhhhh.

This is my current view whilst typing up today’s post. Not very conducive to getting anything done–as I can’t reach the keys very well–but super cute nonetheless. Someone was a little mad at me for leaving him for so long (2 days), and managed to destroy one of my work aprons in protest.
Oh, Squinters.

The Menu
Breakfast: Frittata with sausage and kale
Lunch: Stuffed sweet potato with steak and kale
Dinner: Stuffed portobello mushroom with ground beef, artichokes, sun-dried tomatoes, onions, mayo, and kale (see a theme for today? It’s called “I have a big @ss bag of kale in my fridge that’s going to go bad soon if I don’t eat it, and I hate wasting money”), and baked plantain chips.


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