Whole30 Day 28: So close I can’t stand it

OK, I can stand it. Honestly, the days are slipping by rather quickly; I can’t believe that it’s been a month since I went through my pantry and fridge and thew away any non-Whole30-compliant food I had.
Actually, that’s not true. I still have a tub of goat cheese in my fridge from before I started. It’s unopened, and the expiration date isn’t until August… ain’t no way I’m throwing away perfectly good food. It’s been hiding in a drawer in my fridge so I’ve not been able to look at it wistfully every time I go to cook myself a meal.

But the point is: I’m honestly shocked how quickly the last few weeks have gone. They’ve dragged on some level, perhaps, but I think it’s due to the cravings that never actually went away. I think these cravings are so much less extreme than the ones I had my first time around, it’s possible that they’re just a part of normal life. I mean. Maybe if I swore off all of this stuff for an indefinite period of time, like a few years. Maybe then I’d eventually stop craving macaroni and cheese or chewy chocolate brownies. I know there are some Paleo people who’ve done exactly that… but that’s not for me. I don’t mind eating junk food every now again. I like chocolate, and cheese, and beer, and pizza, and chips with salsa. I like those things, but I need to like them a little less frequently. As long as I’m eating 85%-95% Paleo, I’m really OK with eating whatever I want when I go out to eat, or allowing myself to bring home ice cream or frozen pizza occasionally.

My post Whole30 goal is essentially that: to moderate the indulgences better than I was previously doing. To be able to differentiate when I want to stress eat and when I’m craving something just because it sounds good.
And also to make myself be creative as much as possible in the kitchen. I had slipped into the bad habit of cooking the same meals far too often and that leads to boredom, which leads to eating out more, which leads to eating junk food a lot more, etc. etc.
One of my goals during this month was to make something new at least two or three times a week. I don’t know if I always succeeded, but I’m definitely walking away from this experience with some new favorite recipes.

So, here’s to the last few days.
And to the bar of chocolate sitting in my freezer. Soon. Very soon.

The Menu
Breakfast: Sweet potato hash.
Lunch: Leftover crockpot pork with kale and mushrooms, topped with guac.
Dinner: Steak nachos with fajita-style veggies and plantain chips. Also more guac.


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