Whole30 Day 29: Can I please have some chocolate now? No? Not yet? Sigh…

But seriously. Work this morning was completely bonkers. I think everyone in the world must have lost their damn minds or something.
Not only did one of our espresso bars go down in the middle of rush,
but the rush didn’t stop until way later than usual,
and people were literally waiting 10-15 minutes for a cup of coffee,
and then OUR FREAKING TIP JAR WAS STOLEN out of the drive-thru when the barista wasn’t looking,
and then I had to call the police
and call 18 different corporate numbers
and fill out incident reports for days. FOR DAYS.

And I’m just generally exhausted by it all. It’s been one of those days were I finally clocked out and have been trying to pretend since then that I don’t work there until I have to get up and unlock the door at 5:15AM tomorrow.  Buhhh.

In other news, my kitty had his first sleepover last night. It was traumatic. Due to a series of of events that involved maintenance men and me not wanting him to be there while they were in my apartment, I decided to take him over to a friend’s house to stay until I could pick him up this afternoon. I had never put him in a carrier before… and let me tell you, it was work. He quickly figured out that he DID NOT like me stuffing him into the bag (it’s a smaller carrier that has handles and looks like a duffel bag of sorts) and become Slippery Magoo. He managed to escape me time after time; at least 10 minutes went by in which I desperately tried to get him into the carrier and zipped up before he slipped out through the tiniest gaps.
Not to his credit at all, every time he got out he just looked at me like “What are you trying to do Hooman?” instead of hiding far under my bed where I wouldn’t be able to reach him.
Dumb cat.
But, I eventually got him in there for good and then made the saddest car trip of my life. He cried like a big baby the entire time and I felt like the worst kitty mommy EVER. And then when I let him out of his carrier he cried even more pitifully when he realized we weren’t back home.
It was rough. For me.
To be fair, though, once I left and he got acclimated to his surroundings he calmed down and behaved himself.

And now that we’re home he’s ignoring me like a giant jerk. Because he’s mad I made his little kitty life so hard for 24 hours.

In other other news…
Tomorrow is my last day of my Whole30!!!

The Menu
Breakfast: Frittata with leftover pork and kale
Lunch: Leftover pork with guacamole and kale (seriously… so much kale)
Dinner: Hamburger with tomato and mayo, stir-fry with asparagus, mushrooms, and… kale.


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