Whole30: Day 30

Wow. I can’t believe I’m officially done once I go to bed tonight. I’ll wake up and be free to eat whatever the heck I want to!

That’s what I keep saying, anyway. The reality is that I will not be able to stuff my face tomorrow or I will be a very sick and sad panda. True story. I recall try to get acclimated to stuff last year after my Whole30, and several items did not go over well; however, I didn’t do the “reintroduction period” that is described with the program and that you probably should do. I probably won’t do it this time, either, let’s be honest. I know more or less what aggravates my system the most and I generally avoid those. I can eat dairy some and feel OK, and I don’t think gluten really bothers me much at all though I do avoid it mostly. Sugar sucks, no matter who you are… it’s addictive and makes me irritable sometimes and I was having a moment where the acne on my face was kind of bad despite me almost never having acne. Pretty sure it was because I was eating a lot of sugar.
I do remember finding out that I broke my terrible Diet Coke habit after my Whole30 last year. I went to go drink it sometime after I had finished the month and felt gross after taking just a few sips! Not a bad problem to have, considering I was pretty hooked.

So tomorrow I began the fun task of balancing the good eating with the indulgences. I want to be better about not consuming as much sugar for sure. Although… I do have some chocolate in my freezer for after I get off work tomorrow. It’s 70% dark chocolate, though! I think that’s fair.

Much in the way that people were just crazy yesterday, they were plain old mean today. Something about the weekends brings out the WORST in people. I constantly question how people were raised when they come into the store and acting like giant, entitled jerks. Who taught them that it was OK to act as if someone is inferior just because they’re behind a counter? Even before I started working in the food service industry I recall always wanting to be as patient and polite to service workers as I could. My parents taught me how to be a decent human being–it logically followed that I should treat people like they’re people even when they’re serving me coffee.
So today was full of people griping about how their drinks weren’t made right, calling to tell us that our “quality of service” has gone down in the past few months or to tell me that everyone in our store was rude and terrible, as well as your typical a-holes in the drive-thru who act like the moment you miss ONE word out of the order means you must be mentally challenged so they make sure to repeat back the entire order with great gusto and emphasis.
Alternatively, you have the lovely human beings who seemed afraid to either move just the tiniest fraction of an inch closer to speaker or open their mouths just a little more so you can actually understand what they’re saying. Those transactions are the worst.
Person in DT, practically whispering: Can I have a jgohaoiahgjjdjfahguajfl?
Me: I’m sorry, what did you say?
Person, at the same decibel level: I want a lsgdguoighjksfhglkjfkhgl.
Me: I’m really having hard time hearing you. One more time?
Person, still speaking to their steering wheel and not the speaker: I said I want a slgjodghojslgkhdkljfdhg.
There have been many occasions where I must confess I dropped all niceness and starting using my mean voice to let the customer know that I had no idea what the hell they were saying. I mean, come on people. Take the hint before I have to become mean.
OK, end rant.

Here’s to hoping tomorrow people will be less mean.
Maybe. The church crowd doesn’t usually deliver on that, but one can always hope.

My Final Whole30 Menu
Breakfast: Sweet potato hash with sausage and kale
Lunch: Chicken stir-fry with mayo
Dinner: Fiesta Pork Chops with oven-baked cilantro cauli-rice and a sweet potato.
Snacks: So many frozen grapes. Oh man. I could eat those by the pound.


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