Let’s go to the mall!

Bonus points if you get that reference.

But seriously. I’ve been spending way too much time at the mall lately. A great deal of Operation Pop This Baby Out Soon has involved us going to the mall at night and walking around for 1, 1.5 hours trying to get my sister-in-law to have contractions that are consistent and moving in the general direction of having a baby.
We’ve walked around the mall down the street from my brother’s apartment many, many times. Like, I feel as if the mall workers wonder why this pregnant lady and her two weird friends keep showing up and power-walking throughout the food court. Ha. Actually, they probably have seen that before. But after the 8th loop you start to wonder if people are talking about you.
Last night to take a break from mall-walking we went to downtown Franklin and walked around the cutesy little shops and restaurants. It was hottttt. Actually, it was muggy. The temperature would have been much more bearable if the air hadn’t felt like soggy blankets. But at least we were outside on a beautiful night. And the downtown area was full of gorgeous old buildings, trendy little new town homes, and lots and lots of fireflies. So I can’t complain even though we were sweating like fiends. And this lovely young man and his friend drove  by blaring their very explicit rap music and screamed the lyrics at us.
But besides that it was a pretty night.

So far no luck with the walking, though. We keep getting our hopes up, because walking definitely makes her have the contractions, but once we get back home and settle down they pretty much taper off and baby continues to sit at the bottom of her uterus. He’s a little turkey.

We’ll try again today, however, this time at a different mall. Change of scenery perhaps?
Come on, baby. Get your tush out!
Babies come when they’re ready, so apparently he’s not so sure about leaving his warm and soft room.


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