It’s a boy!

I’m pretty sure I’m terrible. Terribly lazy, at least. Or non-committal. One of those two, for sure. I hate that I let so much time pass between posts; the last week and a half were a bit crazy, and when I finally got back home from baby-waiting I used the following week to watch Netflix and veg out rest and get back into my “normal” life schedule.
I mean, I won’t lie: I tried to write this post a day or so after I got back. But I thought “Nah, I’ll do it tomorrow” for a few days until it was too late, because I wouldn’t have been able to write as if I had just gotten home from Nashvegas and I knew I’d have to acknowledge how much time passed when I finally did write and so I just hyped it up in my mind so much that it would be bad to play that much catch-up that I let an entire week go by without so much as a glance at my website.
It made sense in my head. Kind of.
So here I am doing all of those things. But mostly being sorry that I am such a terrible, terrible procrastinator.

Walking into my apt last week after driving the 3 hours from Nashvegas to Birmingham, I realized that the previous weekend was probably one of the longest and most exhausting I’d had in a very long time.
However, it ended with little baby nephew being born, so I can’t complain too much. 🙂
Meet little JM, born June 27th at 3:37 PM.
Isn’t he just precious???

After spending an entire week with my brother and his wife, walking several malls and downtown shopping centers in order to direct a certain baby out of her womb, my sister-in-law finally began having “real” contractions early on Friday morning around 4:30AM. However, they were wildly inconsistent for most of the day; it wasn’t until late that night that we were regularly timing them under 4-5 minutes and that the pain had reached fairly unbearable levels for her.

After waiting a few hours to make sure we were golden, we headed to the hospital about 12:30 AM Saturday morning. 15 hours-ish later, JM finally made his appearance. After only about 35 hours of labor. Nbd.
I have a great admiration for my sister-in-law, as I know that the whole process was terrifying and exhausting, yet she remained calm and optimistic the entire time.

And, it was worth it. He’s not even my baby and I know it was all worth it, because he’s precious and perfect and the world’s best little nephew. Ever. Holding him for the first time was an amazing experience, and I tried to soak up as much time with him as I could before I headed home. Not being near enough to just pop in whenever will be much harder now that there’s a baby, but I’m grateful that I live close enough to make the trip every couple of months or so.

In other news, the last few weeks definitely screwed over my healthy-eating habits. There’s been too much ice cream, cheese, and bread in my life lately, and cutting them back out is going to be a terrible experience all over again. Especially the ice cream. Why does it have to taste so wonderful???
Tonight, however, I will be making a batch of Lemon Honey Rosemary Chicken (by the wonderful Juli of PaleOMG) and some undetermined vegetables and I will NOT eat the last bar of chocolate in my fridge. Nope nope nope nope nope.

Have you ever reverted to re-watching a show just because it’s comfortable and you know what’s going to happen? No? Just me?
Well, that’s been my Netlix-binge for the last week: re-watching Parks and Rec because
1. It’s a terrific show. If you haven’t watched you need to close out this terrible post right now, get on Netflix, and start on the pilot. GO.
2. It’s hilarious. That’s kind of in the same category as it being a terrific show, but I thought I’d let you know that it’s definitely hilarious.
3. Leslie Knope is my spirit animal, and
4. I know what’s coming.
When your life is full of a lot of uncertainty and confusion it’s nice to have a few things that you can predict. Even if it’s just a TV show that has no real bearing on life and its problems, watching this show is comforting for someone like me who feels rather lost in this whole process called “growing-up” because I know what the next episode is going to have, and I know how this one will end. In a dumb and weird way, it helps.

Especially because it’s hilarious.


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