Can I go back now?

Made a brief trip to Nashville this past week to see a certain adorable nephew of mine, who has gotten so big since I saw him last! I rode up with my mom and youngest brother and we stayed with my oldest brother and sister-in-law for a few days while we basked in the cuteness that is little JM. We even got to babysit him for an evening while my brother and sister went out on a date, which was of course perfectly fine with us.
2015-08-11 17.21.27Look how cute he is!!!
And completely chubby. I’m loving the little double chin he has going on–it’s beyond precious, especially since his arms, legs, and belly are also rolls on rolls on rolls.

I love holding him. He stares right into your face as if he’s memorizing it, not breaking eye contact for minutes at a time. He obviously loves mommy and daddy the most, but it was neat to watch him watch me (sometimes in confusion) and try to make sense of my funny faces and noises.
The kid is a pro at making faces.

2015-08-10 17.20.14“What are you doing?”

2015-08-11 16.52.17Perks of being the first baby/nephew/grandbaby: he’s going be spoiled with lots of love from all his family. 🙂


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